Monday, February 28, 2011

So Tired and Not Much to Show For It

I did a LOT of work this weekend, but it doesn't show on this post.  I'm working on a French Provincial bedroom suite.  It's a headboard, dresser, mirror and 2 night stands.  This weekend, I finished the second nightstand and primed the headboard.  I don't want to post the pictures until the whole thing is finished.

I did get 2 little wooden necklace holders primed, painted and distressed.  I've had both of these for a while.  I got each one at a thrift store.  I have had a mirror in my booth for 6 months that just wasn't selling.  The frame looks like bamboo, but it's actually some sort of plastic.  I don't know WHY it is so heavy if the frame is plastic!!  Anyway, I brought it home, got some plastic paint and sprayed it black.  If it doesn't sell in a month or 2, I'll bring it back home and make it into a message board.

Here is the pink necklace holder.

And the white one.
 This is a wicker screen that my daughter got for me several years ago. 
I just don't have room for it anymore, so I took it to the booth yesterday.

This is the before picture of the mirror.

This is it in black.  Not a very good picture, but you get the idea.
Maybe next weekend I'll have more to show.  The good thing is, daylight savings time will start in a couple of weeks.  At least it will still be daylight when I get home.  I have discovered that I can't paint at night, in the house.  I did that with the first nightstand that goes with the bedroom suite.  When I got it out in the daylight later that week, it looked like a drunken monkey had painted it!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

So Much to Learn!!

I was having some blogging issues, but thanks to Gail, I think I am well on my way.   She's so sweet!!  I ask her about everything from chair legs to blogging. 

So, I went to an estate sale on Sunday.  I waited until then, because most estate sales around here, put everything at half price on Sunday.  Well, I'm not sure how much this was an estate sale and how much it was "just trying to get rid of junk" sale.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE JUNK!!!  But they were PROUD of their junk!!  Anyway, I just got a few things that caught my eye (and were cheap).

A wooden wine crate.  Not old, but hard to find.

An iron thingy.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

A round mirror to make a sunburst.  I saw a really cool one on that I want to try.

This is the house that the estate sale was in.  Although it is in terrible disrepair, it was so BEAUTIFUL!
That's all for now.  Got to start making "the list."  I make it on Fridays for the weekend projects.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Here We Go!!

This is the first post of my new blog. I've had the blog set up for several months, but just couldn't seem to get it quite the way I wanted it. I guess it will be an on going process for a while.

I'm pretty sure that I won't blog everyday. I'm amazed at people who can work an outside job, refinish or repaint furniture, take pictures of it and then post EVERY day!!! Of course, I have to admit that I am disappointed when one of my favorite bloggers misses a day, but everyone deserves to take a day off from blogging.

Mostly, this will be a venue for me to show the projects I am working on. I have a booth at Urban Suburban and I spend almost every weekend working on projects for that. I never seem to be at a loss for something to work on.
Here are a few of my past projects.

This was a little bench that my daughter found in a dumpster (I've taught her well).

This is how it looked after paint and recovering the seat

This mirror just refused to sell.

So I decided to turn it into a message board. It sold in less than a week.

This was a curbside find that my daughter discovered one night.

And here it is in the "after" picture. It lookes like it has 14 drawers, but there are only 5.

This is my lastest project. I bought this at a yardsale.

And this is the "after." I used a silver paint pen to outline the little flower on the drawer. The knob is just an old one I had in my craftroom and spray painted silver.

This is a door from an old armoir that was not salvageable. Makes a great message board, though.

That's all for now. This weekend will be busy. I have an entire bedroom suite that I am working on!