Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I fell into a deep funk back in the Spring. Not sure what happened, but I sort of lost interest in everything. Nothing seemed to sell at the booth, so I stopped working on projects. Well, July was a good month and I'm back to working on projects again. Sweet, sweet Jamie Williams, who is an artist and professional photogapher, did some rearranging and merchandising in the booth and after that, stuff was just FLYING out the door!!

My main focus for the next month or so is to get my craftroom in order. My daughter's friend is going to help me do that. I bought a kitchen base cabinet from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. I'm going to put that in to have, not only storage, but a good work surface. It came without doors, so I'm going to just put "curtains" in place of the doors. It has one working drawer and 2 panels like you see in front of a sink. I'm going to make drawers and then attach the panel. I went to a couple of cabinet makers to see how much it would cost to have one more panel made. The first place I went wanted $65 and the next place wanted $50. I can't make one, because it would require a router, which I don't have.

After I get the craftroom done, then I want to tackle my study. I wanted to build bookshelves in there, but I've decided to just buy ready made bookcases. I will paint them, attach them to the wall and save some money (as well as blood, sweat and tears). It's difficult to find ready made that are tall enough (7 feet), but I did find 2 last week. I'll just keep shopping Craigslist, yard sales and estate sales until I find what I need.

Also, I'm trying to not get anything new to work on. Right now, I have 8 things to work on and I intend to finish those before I drag anything else in. I also have SEVERAL old windows that I have a project planned for. It has been SO difficult to not go to estate sales, yard sales and thriftstores!! I mean REALLY difficult!!

Oh well, below are the chairs that I got MONTHS ago. I finally finished them. One of them sold in 3 days!! I also finished some tables, 2 of which sold in about the same time!

OK, that's all for now.   I've got to work on  projects for the Anniversary sale at the booth.  I have a bench, blanket chest, & TV stand.  I have finished a footstool and another vanity chair.  

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