Sunday, October 9, 2011


I had hoped that I would be able to reveal my craftroom, but I'm still putting finishing touches on it.  My daughter's friend, Leila, helped me SO much to get things organized.  I'm still moving some things around.  I also have to build 2 drawers that go in the cabinet.  I DO, however, have the pegboard up!!  That was NO easy task.  Of course, it seems that ANY task I take own SHOULD be simple and then it isn't.  When I was all ready to put the pegboard up, I found out that I first had to put up furring strips to attach it to.  This keeps the pegboard from being flat against the wall, thus allowing room for the pegs to hook in.  The furring took longer than I anticipated.  Again, what should have been simple...

Since I can't show the craftroom yet, I've loaded some pix of other things that I've been doing.

This is a letter box, I guess.  I found it at the thrift store.  It was in 2 pieces.  I guess that is why the tape is on it.  I found some screws in my stash and put it back together.

This is how it looks all put together.  I hung it in the craftroom.  I still need to prime and paint it.  Oh look!  You get a sneak peek at the craftroom!!

This is a mirror I got a few years ago when I lived in a house that was more of a Victorian in style.  When I moved into my craftsman bungalow, I didn't really have anywhere to put it, so my daughter used it at her house for awhile.  When I got it back, I decided to paint it a fun color and put it in the booth.  Once I finished it, I realized that I wanted to keep it for my study.  The study is my next big project, as soon as I finish the craftroom.  The walls are lime green and I'm going to use pink with a small pop of purple.  Anyway, below is the finished product. 

Up close

Hanging in the study

I have several booth projects going on, as well as a baby afghan that I'm crocheting.  Hopefully I'll get the booth foofed this week!!  Until next time!!

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