Thursday, March 10, 2011


OK, this is how it happened.  Yesterday, I woke up to a leak in my kitchen.  We had torrential rains Tuesday night, as well as yesterday.  I left work at lunch to meet with a contractor.  He was going to look at it and give me an estimate.  When I was almost home, he called and said that he was having car trouble.  We were going to meet on Saturday.  As I was turning around to go back to the office, I passed by one of my favorite thrift stores.  Now, I have not been there since around November.  I have really shown restraint.  But...  Below is what I found.  They were stinking cheap!

Isn't this adorable?  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it, yet.

But I know EXACTLY what I'm going to do
 with this one!!  It's VERY shiny, so I'll have to sand it
and then prime it before painting.

So, between the tables, and the chairs and the bedroom suite, I should have PLENTY to keep me busy this week-end and the next and the next and the ...



  1. Great chairs! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Thanks for joining JFF!

  2. I love vintage chairs too. You can always be confident that you'll end up with something beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. Please share with us what you end up doing with these beauties. Visiting from Junkin' Finds Friday. I hope you stop by Cottage and Creek and say 'hi'.

  3. I see one of these in red with red and white toile. Not that anyone asked my opinion.