Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Since the first of the year I have declared a moratorium on junkin.  OK, I know I went to that one estate sale, but that has been it.  Today, at lunch, with my purse on my shoulder, I walked out the door to go to a little thrift store close to my house.  When I got down to the lobby of my building, I realized that I just could NOT do it.  I simply have too many projects to complete before I can bring anything else home.  It's as though the warmer weather has given me Spring Junkin Fever.  Oh well, maybe by the time I get my big project completed, the yard sales will start and I will feel that I can go shopping.  What is my big project?  The 5 piece French Provincial bedroom suite that I'm working on. 

Since I don't have any finished projects to show, I'll post some pix of my house.  Most of them are a couple of years old, but it hasn't changed too much.

I'm waiting to have my TV installed over the mantle.  My daughter got it for me for Christmas.  The mirror that is there now has been moved to another wall.

I had this chair reupholstered a few years ago. I belonged to my parents.  It's in navy, red and gold.

My "coffee table."  Someone gave me 4 or 5 old suitcases.  I used 2 of them to make the base.  Someone in my neighborhood was getting rid of the glass top, because their toddler was starting to walk and it had sharp corners.  I just drove over a few blocks and the guy loaded it into my car. 

I absolutely LOVE my halltree.  It belonged to my aunt.  See the purses hanging on the left?  She made each one from scratch.  She was born in 1881.  I have 2 beaded evening bags sitting on the marble part with evening gloves on top.  The umbrella is very old, too.  My brother-in-law found it in an apartment building he owned and gave it to my mother.   See the pictures on the left?  Those are pictures of Tarrytown, NY, which is one of my favorite places on earth.  I decided to take them down and move them. 
 I put these there in place of the 4 small pictures.  I absolutely LOVE frames!!!   

That's all for now!


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  1. Love, love, love the red frames against the yellow wall. Nice color combo!